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Legrand has been working with local distributors and contractors for a long time. In 1994, its first subsidiary in Hong Kong was established in order to provide better service and more extensive technical assistance for our customers. Furthermore, Legrand has taken over different companies such as WireMold, The Watt Stopper, Ortronics, Cablofil, Shidean, TCL-Legrand, thus making it more comprehensive to meet different local market demands.
Today, Legrand Hong Kong offers you a wider and more sophisticated range of electrical equipments for different applications in residential, commercial as well as industrial sectors. With more than 2500 items listed in our local catalogue, we are able to meet a great variety of requirements in the following fields:        

- Electrical protection and distribution (cabinets, fuses, MCBs, MCCBs, ACBs)
- Switching and control (switches, sockets, dimmers...)
- Domestic access control (chimes, door phones, remote control)
- Cable and wiring distribution (trunking, cable tray..)
- Safety (emergency lightings)                           
- Industrial fittings (enclosures, industrial socket outlets...)
- Energy saving (daylight sensors, dual-tech sensors, time switches)